More than 350 pupils participated in our Primary School Cycle Championships hosted in Prestwick in partnership with Scottish Cycling. Pupils raced within their age category and completed a skills area, all events were scored:

P5 Boys

  1. Josh McLean
  2. Kian Anderson
  3. Hamish Maxwell

P5 Girls

  1. Alice Jones
  2. Skye Rae Doughty
  3. Emma Lyon

P6 Boys

  1. Craig Watson (St Ninians)
  2. Callum Dunn (Newton)
  3. Reece Fitzsimmons (St Ninians)

P6 Girls

  1. Skye Campbell (Braehead)
  2. Connie Cassidy (St Ninians)
  3. Katie Ward (Kingcase)

P7 Boys

  1. Daniel O’Brien (Grammar)
  2. Zak Maguire (Heathfield)
  3. Nathan Scott (Heathfield)

P7 Girls

  1. Millie Small (Heathfield)
  2. Lizzie Edwards (Grammar)
  3. Carly Smith (St Ninians)