Junior Coaching Academy

The Active Schools team deliver the Junior Coaching Academy leadership programme to primary 6/7 pupils.

The programme aims to provide P6/7 pupils with the skills and knowledge to support them to deliver sport and physical activity sessions to younger children. The leadership skills are taught through a wide range of games and activities.

The Junior Coaching Academy focuses on specific skills such as giving instruction, the organisation of people and equipment, and the use of space. The Academy teaches these topics through practical activities,allowing the pupils to learn by doing. By the end of the programme the pupils will have the confidence and ability to lead others, but will also have the knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of activities.

The programme is linked to the four capacities of CfE and also develops the following:

  • Encourages pupils to take responsibility and develop useful leadership skills
  • Develops skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self esteem alongside planning and self review
  • Provides the opportunity for older pupils to work with younger pupils thus promoting integration and social inclusion
  • Encourages cooperation and helps to develop moral and social skills

During 2018/19 the Junior Coaching Academy programme resulted in over 1000 P6 and P7 pupils across South Ayrshire completing the course. Active Schools Coordinators mentored the pupils throughout their training.

Junior Coaching Academy pupils were then supported to deliver a range of lunchtime and after school activities, including fun games, dance and multisports, to younger pupils within their own primary school. A focus for 2019-20 will be to ensure that those pupils delivering activities are supported to continue once they transition into Secondary school.

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