Award of Ambition

The Award of Ambition, (AoA), is a re-fresh of our successful Junior Achievement Award which has been offered in an ever increasing number of schools throughout South Ayrshire since 2000.

It’s main aims are to, support our development of outcomes and experiences coming from Curriculum for Excellence especially, Health & Wellbeing and Expressive Arts, and can contribute significantly to a number of well-being indicators for young people-“responsible, active, achieving and healthy”.

The 5 AOA Sections:

  • Community – pupils will be involved in responding to needs within their local community, encouraging a practical development of active citizenship
  • Environment – this section encourages pupils to develop an understanding of the environment. This is a group experience, allowing pupils to work as a team, plan tasks, make decisions which affect themselves and others
  • Healthy Active Life – pupils are encourage to participate in physical activity and discover new abilities and develop a sense of personal physical and mental wellbeing
  • Personal Stretch – this is about a personal challenge in an area of interest. It should be about striving to succeed in this challenge and if possible exceed any goal agreed
  • Cultural Rucksack – to encourage pupils to develop new or existing interest and pastimes to new levels

The AOA aims:

  • To provide a progressive, balanced programme of active learning for pupils in the key transition years of P7 into S1
  • To move learning beyond the classroom into a wider community context in line with CfE
  • To encourage the link between school and leisure with pupils taking responsibility for aspects of their own learning
  • To encourage young people to see themselves as valued members of their communities and develop an understanding of needs in their communities
  • To encourage ongoing participation in positive lifestyles and interests
Primary school staff have the key responsibility of encouraging participation and offering opportunities to those young people who need extra support through activities provided in school, or signposting to activity providers in their community.

All parents are provided with information, asked to encourage their child’s participation and give feedback on the programme.

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