Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

The Active Schools team will be carrying out fitness challenges with P4 (Nov), P6 (Jan) and S1 (Sept) pupils in all South Ayrshire schools. The results will be used to determine individual pupil’s fitness progress and development, and a summary of these results will be used to inform the development of Active School activities.

Are there any risks or side-effects of taking part?

No. There is nothing dangerous about doing these measurements. The only thing is that you may get out of puff when you do the test to see how fast you can run or how many times you can jump in 1 minute.

Will it help me?

The results can be used in your school such as in maths and science We hope you will find it fun and interesting.. Most of all it should be enjoyable for you.

Who will know I have taken part?

All the information we collect during the challenge will be kept secret. If we show the results to other people, no-one will know your name or that it was you who helped us. If you would like to, you can tell people that you took part.

Why would we like your help?

We would like to find out more about fitness in children who are in primary school in South Ayrshire. Your school is in South Ayrshire and is taking part.

What will happen if you take part?

If you and your parents/guardians are happy for you to take part then we would like to measure how:

  • fast your heart beats when you’re resting
  • tall you are
  • fast you can run
  • many times you can jump from side-to-side in 1-minute
  • strong your arm muscles are
  • flexible you are

Do I have to take part?

No – not if you or your parents don’t want you to. Also, if you want to start and then stop later you can do so. All you have to do is let us know.

Who to contact

Kirsty Mackay
Active Schools Manager
Email Kirsty

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Get involved in Active Schools

To discuss how to increase sport and physical activity opportunities within your school, or to volunteer with Active Schools please contact us on 01292 294191 or email us at