School Sports Awards

The sportscotland School Sport Award is a national initiative designed to encourage schools to continuously improve the quality and quantity of physical education and school sport opportunities, within and outwith the curriculum. They also will also encourage strengthened sporting links between schools, Active Schools and local communities.

The gold award will formally recognise a school’s achievement in putting quality physical education and school sport at the heart of their planning, practice and ethos.

The awards will also highlight and celebrate successful physical education and school sport models across Scotland. Within South Ayrshire many schools currently have strong and successful links with Active Schools and local sports clubs. The School Sport Awards provide a way of recognising the good work taking place locally.

Why apply?

The School Sport Award is now open for 20118/19. The award will help ensure that quality physical education and school sport is at the heart of each school and its wider community. They will also encourage schools to ensure there are opportunities for all children and young people to engage, participate and reach their potential in this area.

The self-assessment tool will encourage self reflection and continuous improvement to help schools make real quality improvements in physical education and school sport.

There are three main reasons why a school would use the tool:

  • To provide schools with a benchmark towards achieving excellence
  • To identify areas for improvement
  • To identify if their school meets the minimum criteria to apply for a gold School Sport Award to gain national recognition for their excellent provision and delivery.

Gold Level Schools in South Ayrshire:

Barassie Primary School

Ballantrae Primary School

Belmont Academy

Dalmilling Primary School

Girvan Primary School

Grammar Primary School

Kyle Academy

Monkton Primary School

Sacred Heart Primary School

Tarbolton Primary School

Troon Primary School



Core Areas

The sportscotland School Sport Award will focus on six core areas across physical education and school sport that schools should offer to all of their children and young people;

  1. Physical education – All pupils should have access to 2 hours/2 periods of quality physical education.
  2. School sport – All pupils should have access to a range of quality extra-curricular sports and activities to take part in  before, during and after school.
  3. Pathways – There should be clear pathways to a range of community sport opportunities to encourage life long  participation for all pupils.
  4. Compete and perform – Opportunities to compete and perform in events, festivals and competitions
  5. Celebrating sport – At all levels including; participation, performance, spectating, leading, coaching and officiating.
  6. Leadership – Opportunities for pupils to lead, coach, officiate and influence sport in their schools. The sportscotland School Sport Award will also focus on three core areas all schools should offer to  ensure that the people and places that support children and young people participating in physical  education and school sport are the best they can be;
  7. Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) – A choice of quality physical education and sport related Career Long Professional Development  (CLPL) opportunities on offer for all staff and volunteer deliverers.
  8. Recognition and awards – Recognition and awards for the staff and volunteers who give up their time to support, organise or  deliver extra-curricular sport and physical activity opportunities in the school.
  9. Access to school facilities (secondary only) – Strong links to local clubs and preferential access to school facilities for these organisations.

Who to contact

Kirsty Mackay
Active Schools Manager
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