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Junior Coaching Academy

The primary 7’s at Newton completed the Junior Coaching academy leadership course. The course is used to develop initial leadership skills so that the P7’s can assist in sports delivery in the school. During the course the pupils learnt about leadership qualities, the STEP principle and how to break down/ deliver a game.

They can use the skills they learned to assist in school events (like sports days), deliver games based lunch clubs to their peers and assist qualified coaches with after school clubs. This course lays the foundation for the pupils to continue their leadership/ coaching training at secondary school where they can take part in the Coaching Academy.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

A large variety of extra-curricular clubs will be in place throughout the year. These clubs are offered to give pupils opportunities to take part in more sports lessons. The clubs that are organised could be sports that the pupils have never tried before or they could be familiar sports that allow coaches to further develop existing skills.

So far in the 2018-19 school year football, gymnastics, games club, netball, tennis, dance, multi-sports and basketball have all been available for pupils to take part in.

Sports Competitions

Newton are working hard to attend as many sports event as possible so that the pupils get the chance to show off the skills they have learned and compete against other schools. So far football, athletics, Dance and basketball competitions have been attended. This includes Whitletts Road Games events where Dalmilling, Newton, St Johns and Braehead compete against one another in various sports events.

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