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Coaching Academy 

Dixie Munro and Aidan Ingram have been selected to be part of the Active Schools Coaching Academy Programme during 2018-19.

As part of this leadership programme the S5 pupils will attend a number of different courses throughout the year and they have already started delivery within the Belmont Cluster.

Dixie and Aidan will choose to take part in sport specific courses in addition to the compulsory courses of First Aid, Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Disability Awareness Training, Positive Coaching Scotland and Public Speaking.

Sports Leaders

This year we have 30 Sports Leaders who will be working on leadership skills and developing their coaching skills throughout the year.

As part of their Sports Leaders’ course they must volunteer for at least 10 hours delivering any sport they choose, or work within a community group. Some Sports Leaders have been completing the Level 6 course this year which means the have been supporting ASN, Community and Primary pupil sessions.

The Sports Leaders will be undertaking different coaching courses from August till October and then will go on to deliver in the Belmont Cluster Primary Schools. They have already delivered activities within the ASN School, Southcraig Campus.

Belmont Sport Leaders will also be delivering transition clubs within Belmont Academy from November to March.

Young Ambassadors

Cailin Beggs and Laura Paisley from S4 were selected to attend this year’s Young Ambassador Conference at Hampden Park on 12th September.

The Young Ambassador programme is a programme designed to support young people to promote sport in the local community.

During the conference  the Young Ambassadors had the opportunity to gain valuable public speaking skills, attend workshops to highlight previous good practice from other Young Ambassadors throughout the country, and develop their own ideas with support from sportscotland and their Active Schools Coordinator.

Dance Leaders

During the summer we had seven Dance Leaders qualify with a Level 5 qualification and went on to complete their placement within the Belmont Cluster Primary schools. The girls worked super hard to train teams for each school for the South Ayrshire Schools Dance Competition, in November.

The girls will continue to deliver in the Belmont Cluster, and will help develop dance and fit for girl’s programmes throughout the year, preparing pupils for the South Ayrshire Dance Competition in the following year.

Lucy McClure has done a fantastic job preparing a primary group and secondary group and won the best choreographer in the Dance Competition. She is completing her higher sports leadership at the moment which she will accomplish by the end of the year.

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