Dundonald Primary School

Dundonald Primary School is situated in the village of Dundonald and is part of the Marr Cluster.

The school offer an excellent extra-curricular programme with Active Schools including athletics, tennis and gymnastics.

Pupils are benefiting from the expertise of local club coaches and college students.

Active Schools


Dundonald have strong connections to the wider community including member clubs of the Troon Community Sports Hub.

Pupils enjoy input from a wide range of club coaches throughout the school year including football, gymnastics, rugby, volleyball and handball.

The school have been working with Dundonald Gymnastics Club over the last year to offer 45 children the chance to take part in weekly after school gymnastics coaching with club coaches. The children have been working on different floor, wall and vault routines.

Who to contact

Duncan Sturgeon
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Get involved in Active Schools


To discuss how to increase sport and physical activity opportunities within your school, or to volunteer with Active Schools please contact us on 01292 294191 or email us at activeschools@south-ayrshire.gov.uk