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Are you a teacher in South Ayrshire looking to volunteer in Sport?

Active Schools will provide support for you to lead sessions within your School and assist us in getting our children active.

Whether you are looking to develop your teaching experiences or have a passion for sport, Active Schools will provide you with a fantastic experience to meet your desired goals.

Primary School Staff Volunteer of the Year 2018

Iain Lindsay

Iain Lindsay is a fantastic staff member at Muirhead Primary School; He is the link for Active Schools within the school and PE Specialist Teacher. This year his role within the school has evolved to become a Principal Teacher responsible for Health and Wellbeing. Iain volunteers to deliver extra-curricular activities throughout the school year and contributes massively to the success of Active Schools within Muirhead.
This year he has delivered Sports themed Breakfast Club twice every week where children can attend have a healthy breakfast and take part in sports (20 children each session), After school football weekly as well approximately 15 games throughout the year and since January a HIIT Fitness lunchtime club (Iain worked with me to identify a group of inactive children and created this club at lunch time to get them active- he has 28 children taking part, 10 who were previously inactive).
Iain is a great deliverer and his enthusiasm and drive ensures opportunities are created and sustained for children at Muirhead. This year, Iain has helped the school attend competitions, been heavily involved with health and wellbeing planning as part of their Satellite group and completed whole school fitness testing throughout the year.
Iain’s is a great asset Active Schools and this year he has been heavily involved working with local clubs, Marr College Sports Leaders and other member of the community. He has worked closely with Active Schools and Troon Handball Club (based close to school at Muirhead AC) to encourage children to join the club- this year 6 children from Muirhead P7 have joined (previously 0 from Muirhead).

Iain’s commitment and enthusiasm to encourage children to try sport and join local clubs is outstanding. He works closely with me throughout the year and has had success creating a more active ethos within the school and we are on track to increase Active Schools’ participation this year as well as club links. Iain works closely with other staff through PE CPD and actively encourages other staff to lead extra-curricular activities.

Don’t have any experience?

South Ayrshire Active Schools offer all volunteers free coach education, CLPL and training to provide you with the necessary skills to assist in getting our children physically active.

Primary School Staff Volunteer of the Term December 2018

Congratulations to our school staff volunteer winner for Term 1, Mrs Gilbert from Grammar PS

Mrs Gilbert is the Head Teacher at Grammar PS. She began volunteering her time to provide additional sport/activity opportunities in the Active Schools Programme last year.
During Term 1 she has worked with two groups targeting P4-7 pupils.
Time commitment – 15 hours
Lunch Table Tennis– 13 weeks @ 30min per session
Breakfast Multi Sport – 8 weeks @ 1hour per session
Mrs Gilbert’s input with these groups has allowed over 35 children to attend regular extra-curricular sport opportunities. Although 35 kids have benefited from these opportunities the greatest success is that the children attending these sessions do not attend any other sports programmes. These children are unable to attend after school sessions for various reasons therefore her input has been very valuable.
Mrs Gilbert’s voluntary work has had a positive effect on other members of staff and 2 teachers have come forward to cover sessions.
It’s great to see a Head Teacher leading by example showing staff, parents and pupils the importance of sport and Active Schools.

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To discuss how to increase sport and physical activity opportunities within your school, or to volunteer with Active Schools please contact us on 01292 294191 or email us at activeschools@south-ayrshire.gov.uk